Head trauma

Because of a problem as pervasive as traumatic brain injury, one would think that may be familiar with the various forms over, you know. But my practice, community-based neurology I think that this is not so. Patients and their families contusion and concussion, and a common mistake is rarely familiar with the concepts of cerebral into thinking that it’s basically the same, except that a bruise with a severe form of a concussion.

Before the difference between these two terms, let us first to confirm that they are the same:

* Both are due to trauma to the head.
The two are common.
* Both are serious.

But that’s where the similarities end. The difference in brain concussion and bruises can be cooked in two basic concepts:

* A caring place, while concussions are common.
* Caring macroscopic, microscopic and concussion.

Concretise these concepts should be discussed with the anatomy of the brain, brain physiology and brain imaging methods in detail.

A contusion is a bruise. At one time or another, everyone injured himself, for example, when hit with a hard object against forearm. This is caused by bleeding under the skin. The day after the injury itself purple and perhaps a host of other colors such as run-down body and is absorbed by the red blood cells to escape from the damaged veins own repair mechanisms.

The same thing happens in the brain, except that the wounds are not in one place, removed from the eye can see. But with the help of image processing technology bruising (bruises) can be made visible. A good approximation, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can “see” in such detail as to what to see with the naked eye is the same, except that consideration of the information that is presented in slices of bread on a plate at a time. “Macroscopic” means that the naked eye (by means of the scanner) to bruising. If a similar process is taking place, “microscopic” level that is too small for the eye  should be recognized.

During more useful than MRI for evaluating CT scans of patients with acute severe brain trauma patients can be better monitored during treatment with CT and because fresh hemorrhages are cleaner. The images can be seen on the CT fresh blood intensely white, while the normal brain tissue appears gray.

Although bruising may seem a single location. What does that mean “local”. So a brain contusion both local and macroscopic. A common feature of bruises “coup-Contrecoup”. When a moving head is stopped abruptly (in this case occurs when it hits the ground) on the inner surface of the brain closest to the point of impact diamond hard skull, which is bruising. This “coup” injury. But it is or in a back part of the brain, skull or sudden vacuum is created which produces a second “contre” bruises on the opposite pole of the brain.

In fact, probably not unreasonable to suggest that even saw a microscope of changes in concussion. Even severe vibration, which can be a physical snapping two axons (long extensions of brain cells use to communicate with one another) concussion disrupts the physiology (function) of brain cells over anatomy (structure). I.e., without trauma to the patient is not a large number of brain cells killing them. Even patients with brain cells, according to proceed. This may be the victim of a concussion, loss of consciousness or confusion. Because emotions are produced by the interaction between brain cells, the patient may show a concussion crying, irritability, or other changes in behavior due to injury.

Bruising occurs in sufficient numbers to produce a “salt and pepper” appearance on CT scans. Neighboring bruising can occur that more blood oozing merge to produce larger deposits in the blood. If the collection of blood sufficient to compress and distort the rest of the brain, surgical removal may be necessary.

It is important to realize that the damage to the brain tissue is not limited to that generated by bleeding. The same physical shock can damage the blood vessels disturbs brain cells directly.

Let us against these results, what happens to a concussion. A concussion is not clear macroscopic, local blood sampling. Any bleeding that occurs escapes (the scanner support) scale to the recognition of the eye. Diffuse, widespread, uniform deterioration of brain concussion, but there is no evidence that the macroscopic, local variation of the investigation.

While a person with a traumatic brain injury may be corrupt without pinching is not experiencing concussion or vibration, one does not exclude the other, and it is common to both meet. So while bruises and concussion of the brain are different, they may be a victim of damage shall cover bad luck as well.

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